Knowing The Truth About Vietnam
Is The Key To Victory
In The War On Terror

America's military fought some of the toughest battles in the country's history during the Vietnam War and won every major engagement. Many of these bitterly contested fights involved Marine ground forces supported by Marine air. The "grunts" knew they could rely on the firepower, resupply abilities and medevacs provided by Marine air crews.

Despite our overwhelming military successes in Vietnam, many who served in the Armed Forces since then have endured barbs and misinformation – often from the media and others with questionable agendas. Offsetting such negativity is tough, but not impossible.

Now in paperback, former Marine Ron Winter's best selling book, Masters of the Art, A Fighting Marine's Memoir of Vietnam which draws direct comparisons to the ongoing War on Terror, takes a hard look at those who disparage America's military. This is the perfect book for the warrior, and the warrior in your life!

Masters of the Art is an acclaimed account of a Marine's experiences as a volunteer helicopter gunner during the Vietnam War, and includes a full section on Marine Corps boot camp training, in addition to the 'coming home' experience.

A limited number of new, signed original hardcover first editions are also available.

We hope you enjoy Masters of the Art. Please check back for updates on additional works by Ronald Winter.