This is more than a war story. It is about … having the courage to change the things you can control and accepting the things you cannot with dignity and honor.

- Connecticut Congressman Rob Simmons, R-2 nd District

Masters of the Art was superb!

- Gen. (ret.) Al Gray, former Commandant, USMC

"This is a superb biography (that)  ... accurately presents the experience of Vietnam veterans.  In contrast with the effort of Hollywood to degrade millions of us into sub-humans, Winter's book accurately portrays our real experience. Winter .. tells our story as well as anyone."

- John O'Neill of the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth

Masters of the Art is that "full moon" for those of us with less night vision than Ron Winter and a need to make out more of the details. More from the Lt. Gov. Sullivan...

- Lt. Gov. Kevin Sullivan, State of Connecticut

"Masters of the Art" is a two-fisted memoir. Winter . shows admirable powers of recollection as he spins his personal - and readable - tale. An unabashed homage to the Marine Corps."

The Hartford Courant

"Winter's best writing."

Michael Lee, literary editor, Cape Cod Voice.